SCENTED NATURAL SOAPS In this series we have combined different essential oils. CLEAN NATURAL SOAPS These soaps are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Bath Accessories 100% bamboo soap dish and different kinds of natural sea sponges from the Mediterranean

Natural cosmetics made in Bulgaria

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Handmade natural soaps from organic and natural base oils/butters, scented with essential oils. We work only with unrefined oils/butters. What are unrefined oils/butters? They are cold-pressed, extracted mechanically with the help of a machine, applying pressure, not heat. In this way, all their useful substances such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. are preserved. In order not to lose them, we make our soaps by the cold method. For more information, see our blog page.

Handmade cosmetics

Our products are 100% handmade and packed, with attention to every details

Vegan cosmetics

We use only plant based ingredients

Lab Tested

Every batch we made is carefully tested in a certified laboratory.


The ingredients we use are GMO free


Clean Natural Soaps

Clean natural soaps without scent and colorant. These soaps are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Made entirely with organic and natural oils/ butters to avoid the occurrence of allergic side effects. We have four different combinations of soaps with different base oils/butters, find the best right one for you.


Scented Natural Soaps

Scented natural soaps with added scent and colorant. In this series, we have combined different essential oils. The resulting soaps are like aromatherapy for our senses. We use Bulgarian essential oils of rose and lavender, their quality is known all over the world.

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Let's start with how many types of processes there are for the manufacture of solid soaps. These are "Cold", "Melt and Pour" and "Hot" processes. We use the cold process its advantages are the following: 1. NATURAL BASE OILS ARE USED. We use sustainable ingredients in our recipes. We have also

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Българско розово етерично масло: от къде тръгва, как се произвежда. Ползите от него против стареене, антиоксидант, облекчава болката, облекчаване на менструалния дискомфорт и намалява тревожността и стреса. Антибактериални и противогъбични свойства, стимулира сексуалното желание и облекчава симптомите на депресия.  История Маслодайните рози


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